What Is A Serviced Apartment And What’s Included?

Hotels are no longer the best and most luxurious option for accommodation. If you are traveling to Cheltenham or Gloucester for business or leisure, you can find a variety of accommodation options. A serviced apartment is one such alternative to consider while visiting Gloucestershire. There are several kinds of serviced apartments for different types of travellers who are looking to explore this beautiful area. Here we have discussed serviced apartments in detail and what kind of services they offer.

Published on: Aug 10, 2023

What Are Serviced Apartments?

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished accommodation unit that provides all the utilities and amenities associated with homes. These apartments are available to rent during a short business trip or long holiday in Gloucestershire. Guests can enjoy their usual comfort and feel at home in serviced apartments. Serviced apartments in Cheltenham offers everything that guests could need during their stay such as one or more bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living area, a bathroom, and more.

In comparison to other types of accommodation, serviced apartments offer super quality. These modern serviced apartments are self-sufficient to provide autonomy and lifestyle flexibility for guests and also offer amenities that you usually find in hotels. Serviced apartments are much more affordable than hotels, especially for extended stays.

Variety Of Options In Serviced Apartments

The best thing about serviced apartments is that they are available in all shapes and sizes. You can find a serviced apartment that suits everyone’s needs. The following are some of the serviced apartments that you can find in Gloucestershire.


This serviced apartment offers hotel-style facilities. You will get room services, breakfast, and other serviced apartment facilities like a living area, private kitchen, and more. This is best for those who are looking for flexibility and privacy but with additional services.

Onsite Or Offsite Managed Apartments:

You can also find a serviced apartment that can either be managed on or off-site. On-site serviced apartments have on-site management such as reception and property manager. On the other hand, off-site managed serviced apartment, have no staff on the property and gives you more privacy and autonomy.

Individual apartment:

This type of serviced apartment offers total privacy and freedom as if you are living in your own home. It doesn’t have onsite staff and offers self-check-in.

What Exactly Is Included In A Serviced Apartment?

If you are planning to visit Gloucestershire on a business trip or a family trip, a serviced apartment is ideal for you because it offers much more space and other facilities.

Fully Furnished Kitchen:

Serviced apartments mean more sanity and fewer restaurant expenses since you will get a fully furnished kitchen. This will give you the flexibility of choosing whether to eat out or cook your own food in comfort and convenience.

Spacious Apartments:

You will also get much more extra space as compared to hotels. You can use this extra space to entertain your guest or to do office work. This extra space help in maintaining the same routine as you would in your home.

Multiple Apartment Options:

As we have discussed before, you can find various kinds of serviced apartments in Gloucestershire. If you are traveling alone on a business trip you can rent a studio apartment. But if you are traveling with your family or friends then you can also get a multiple bedroom apartment. This is a much more affordable option since you don’t have to book multiple separate rooms in a hotel.

Additional On-Site Facilities:

You can get everything in Affordable serviced apartments Gloucester from washing machines to dishwashers. Serviced apartments also provide generous wardrobes, storage, and WiFi. Some apartments also provide TV, onsite parking, and electrical vehicle charging points.

If you and your family planning to visit a cathedral city, Gloucester, you should definitely consider staying in a serviced apartment. You can choose a serviced apartment that suits you and avail a wide range of benefits.