Experience Gloucester’s Charm With Luxurious Serviced Apartments

Published on: Sep 05, 2023

Gloucester is situated between the beautiful areas of Cotswold and the Forest of Dean. If you are planning to travel to this city and looking for a relaxed stay, then the city and the surrounding countryside have a great range of serviced apartments. You can find great quality and modern serviced accommodation in the key central locations across the city.

What Are Serviced Accommodations?

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished and self-contained temporary accommodation. These accommodations are popular because they offer all the comforts of a home. These apartments include a living room, kitchen, and one or more bedrooms, and can provide everything that the guest needs during their stay. Many serviced accommodation in Gloucester also offer laundry facilities and housekeeping services. Fully furnished accommodations are self-sufficient to provide autonomy and lifestyle flexibility to guests. Some serviced apartments also offer services and amenities that are usually found in hotels.

Why Do People Prefer Staying In Serviced Apartments Instead Of Hotels?

Gloucester City is the perfect mix of old and new. Before exploring this city you must find the right accommodation. Nowadays many travellers on an extended stay prefer to stay in serviced apartments instead of a hotel. The following are some of the reasons why services apartments are better than hotels.

  • The Amount Of Space In Luxury Apartments

When it comes to comparison between the amount of space, then serviced accommodation is the winner. The space available in serviced apartments is generally more than in hotels. You can find a serviced apartment of one, two, or three bedrooms according to your needs.

  • More Privacy In Furnished Apartments

When you stay in serviced apartments you get more privacy as compared to in hotels. The privacy that you will have in luxurious apartments is similar to the privacy that you have in your own home. In hotels, there is interference of room services whereas in serviced apartments you can do the cleaning on your own or call a housekeeper at your convenience.

  • Serviced Apartments Are Cost-Effective Accommodation

When you take into consideration the duration of stay then there is a lot of difference in the price of staying in a hotel or a serviced apartment. Staying in apartments is affordable since you can cook instead of going to a restaurant or can do your laundry if you want, plus you also get a much larger living space. On the other hand, staying in hotels can be expensive since you are depending on the room services and purchasing food from the hotel lobby or at the bar which adds up to the total cost.

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen Space

Serviced apartments have a larger fully equipped kitchen space. You can prepare your meal just like you do in your home. This is not possible in hotels.

  • A Wide Range Of Amenities

Depending on the serviced apartments, some Luxury apartments for rent Gloucester may have gyms, lounges, and more. Most of the apartments have access to WiFi and have preinstalled TV and other electrical appliances. If you are staying for a longer duration you can also ask for laundry services.

If you have visited Gloucester before you’ll know that it is a city that offers something for everyone and if you haven’t visited then what you are waiting for, explore this city! And while you plan to visit Gloucester don’t forget to reserve serviced accommodation. You can find several serviced apartments at the key central locations in the city.