Why should you consider staying in serviced apartments while travelling for work?

Published on: Feb 21, 2024

Do you find yourself traveling for work? Like, really? Belonging to the group of business travelers who, when on the road, long for the comforts of home but also allow their work trips to consume a significant portion of their budget. In light of this, shrewd businesses are choosing serviced apartments in vibrant business hubs, which are quickly becoming the most well-liked alternative lodging option for business travelers.

According to a report it came out that, Many business travelers long for a cozy house since they miss their own. They yearn for meals prepared at home. They look for options that won't break the bank and would make their extended business stays more comfortable. If these are also relevant to you, then staying in Gloucester serviced apartments should be your choice. Although it may sound absurd, the best way to characterize serviced apartments is as "a home away from home."

How can staying in serviced accommodation on business travel save money?

When traveling for work, lodging options must be carefully considered. For knowledgeable professionals, serviced apartments are a smart and affordable option. Some of the ways staying in a serviced apartment can save you money are as follows:

1. Freedom to Prepare Your Meals:

Have you ever thought that you will never again eat out while traveling for work? Restaurant meals are not only prohibitively expensive, but they also frequently ruin your nutrition and your health due to the overabundance of flavors and nutrients. In addition to having fully functional kitchens, most serviced apartments also provide grocery shopping services. Thus, you can reduce your meal expenses by at least 50% and simplify your life by placing your chosen grocery order and cooking a delicious home-cooked meal.

2. Option to do your Laundry

Longer business stays would require some laundry, but in most places, the cost of these services is very high. For your laundry needs, serviced apartments come with washing machines. Furthermore, these even include refrigerators, microwaves, and other appliances.

3. Share the accommodation and expenses

In most cases, furnished apartments are designed with many bedrooms and fewer occupancy limitations, so you can share them with friends, family, or coworkers. Splitting the costs is the icing on the cake—staying in a group is far more enjoyable.

4. Conference room to hold meetings:

You might not always be able to focus on your work when seated next to your hotel bed in a small workspace. Include a scenario in which you would like to have a brief chat with your coworkers at their place. Rather than cleaning your room, you would prefer to spend your time getting ready for the meeting. Here's where serviced apartments excel. They may have little business meetings in their homes. Someone can reserve an outdoor area. Therefore, by choosing this option rather than having to reserve separate spaces for meetings and debates, you can save money.

5. Flexibility and Convenience:

Serviced apartments offer a variety of features that improve convenience and are tailored to meet the demands of business travelers. A smooth work-life balance is facilitated by amenities including free Wi-Fi, assigned workplaces, and in-unit laundry facilities. This degree of adaptability is especially beneficial for people who need a certain location for business meetings or distant work.

6. Personalized and Inclusive Services:

A lot of Serviced accommodation in Cheltenham come with individualized services like housekeeping, help from a concierge, and round-the-clock assistance. Usually included in the total price, these services provide a more inclusive and open pricing model. This is in contrast to certain hotels where extra services could have an additional cost.

7. Reduced Nightly prices:

Usually serviced apartments have cheaper nightly prices than conventional hotels. Over longer periods, this cost advantage becomes increasingly noticeable. These lodgings are an affordable option that ensures business travelers receive value for their money without sacrificing comfort.

8. Security and Safety

For added peace of mind during your visit, serviced residences frequently include upgraded security features like limited access and round-the-clock surveillance.

You can get more for less money, so why spend a fortune on business hotel stays? When on business travels, go for serviced housing and show off your modern business traveler persona. Take into account the benefits of serviced apartments the next time you travel for work, and make the most of your trip.