Family-Friendly Fun in Gloucester & Cheltenham

Published on: Apr 18, 2024

Indeed, Gloucester and Cheltenham are two of the most gorgeous and must-visit places in England. They are the perfect destinations for a family-friendly vacation and extremely fun vacations. However, when you visit there for the first time, it can be quite confusing for you to know what to do and what exactly to explore at these locations.

But don’t worry, cause today’s blog can be a great help to you. It can be a reliable guide to let you know everything about both these places, from where to go to why to live in Luxury apartments for rent Gloucester. Amazing right? So, let’s delve in.

Why You Must Consider to Take a Visit to Gloucester?

This city in England is located a short distance from the Cotswolds, but close to Cheltenham. It is considered one of the most attractive places to live and travel. With several parks and canals to explore, this dynamic and diverse location is sure to wow you. There is of decent selection of entertainment and shopping options there, along with many amazing attractions to discover, especially the following:

  • Gloucester Docks: Previously a thriving inland port, Gloucester Docks now provide a delightful fusion of historical and modern attractions. Tourists can take boat tours along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, dine on the waterfront, and explore historic warehouses converted into museums. You can also visit the National Waterways Museum to learn about the city's nautical history.
  • Robinswood Hill Country Park: This natural sanctuary is outside of Gloucester. With views of the city, forests, and meadows full of wildflowers, it offers expansive views. Because it has picnic spots, hiking trails, and a kid's play area, it is becoming an increasingly popular location for outdoor activities and family get-togethers.
  • Gloucester Quays -The vibrant entertainment and shopping district known as Gloucester Quays is situated close to the docks. You may have a bustling shopping and entertainment experience there with its designer outlet stores, movie theater, restaurants on the seaside, and regular events like artisan markets and gourmet festivals.
  • Gloucester Cathedral: Built more than a millennium ago, Gloucester Cathedral is a magnificent example of medieval architecture. If you are a history and architecture buff, then must not miss its magnificent stained glass windows, lofty Gothic naves, and finely carved cloisters. The cathedral has a long history that includes its use as a filming site for the Harry Potter films.

What are the Fun Things for You to Do in Gloucester?

There is a lot to see and do in this county capital and cathedral city. Many fun activities are there to do in this place, which makes it even more popular. Some of the really enjoyable things you can try there are:

  • Cheese Rolling- Yes, you have surely read correctly, Coopers Hill, close to Brockworth in Gloucester, is home to one of the most bizarre "sports" on the planet. If you've never been there, it's definitely worth seeing on the second bank holiday in May.
  • Cotswold Water Park- It is a sizable area of lakes, wetlands, and nature reserves and is only a short drive from Gloucester. With options for kayaking, paddleboarding, cycling, and wildlife viewing, it's a haven for water sports enthusiasts. You must add this water park to your list of things to do in Gloucester.
  • The Gloucester Tailor- Being one of Beatrix Potter's most beloved tales, the Tailor of Gloucester, may be recognizable to you, it was inspired by a trip to the city. A tiny museum and store that honors the tale and its connections to the city is located next to the cathedral.
  • Rugby Gloucester- The Gloucester Cherry and Whites are a great rugby team, and many of their players have supported the national squad over the years. Going to a game and having a few ciders in the "Shed" is one of the best activities to do throughout the season.
  • Sausage and cheese- Double Gloucester cheese and Gloucester Old Spot sausages are probably familiar to you. Gloucestershire's meadows provide you with wonderful fresh vegetables, which are available on many menus in the city's taverns and restaurants. So, you must try them.

Where You Can Have a Comfortable Stay in Gloucester?

Even though many hotels and resorts are available in this city, choosing to rent serviced apartments can be a great option. These accommodations can be extremely comforting for you, as they can provide you:

  • They are exquisitely furnished apartments with a modern and fashionable atmosphere.
  • Being located at important core areas of Gloucester, these properties are easily accessible.
  • These accommodations provide you with full convenience and “a home away from home” feeling.
  • From Wi-Fi to kitchen appliances, all essential amenities are offered to you in these apartments.
  • You can enjoy your own space, which guarantees a restful and uninterrupted stay.

What Makes Cheltenham So Worth for You to Explore?

Being a spa town of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham is located in the southwest of England. It is even renowned as the entry point to the Cotswolds, as it is encircled by undulating terrain and conveniently accessible to numerous well-known towns and sites in the Cotswolds. If you're visiting there for the first time here, then you should surely consider exploring its following areas:

  • Montpellier: It is a fashionable neighborhood in Cheltenham that dates back to the 1800s, and is well-known for its upscale restaurants, cafés, boutiques, and bars. It's a chic but a bit expensive place, south of the Promenade, with historic townhouses and flats available, though at the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Tivoli: With a few local stores, cafes, and bars, Tivoli is a fun area to pass the time in the morning or afternoon. It's in a prime location, only a short stroll from Montpellier and the busy Bath Road. Sip coffee as you stroll through the quaint streets lined with pastel-coloured townhouses.
  • Pittville: This spot in Cheltenham is home to a tranquil lake, the town's largest park, and the famous Pump Rooms. Renowned for its green grounds and proximity to the town centre, it's the perfect place for family vacations, tennis matches, and strolls. There are large town houses and Regency flats with views of the park in the vicinity.
  • Lansdown: Renowned families created magnificent 18th-century architecture at Lansdown in Cheltenham. Its ideal position close to Montpellier and the town center provides both elegance and convenience. This place is a highly sought-after neighbourhood with chic townhouses and upmarket flats due to its pleasant lifestyle and appealing residential possibilities.
  • Prestbury: This is a historic village that is well-known for the Black Abbot's purported hauntings. Despite its eerie image, it has attractive taverns and buildings from different eras. Situated close to the picturesque countryside and Cheltenham Racecourse, it's an ideal place for leisurely walks and weekend meals paired with a pint.

Which Activities You Must Try When You Are in Cheltenham?

This beautiful location has numerous parks in this lovely town, and there are more things to see, this place usually has something for everyone. It offers a laid-back lifestyle and is conveniently close to major cities. This exciting town can offer you many things to try, some of the activities which you must try are:

  • Cheltenham Spa- Because of the mineral waters, the Cheltenham Spa became well-known as a health destination. Even popular writer, Jane Austen went there often to get peace. It still serves as a tranquil escape from the bustle of the city today, living up to its past appeal as a place where people can unwind and regenerate.
  • Enjoy Residency Architecture of Cheltenham- Retaining most of its original Regency architecture, this place is renowned for being a fully-fledged Regency town, a testament to its historical significance. These intact Regency buildings house a large number of households and businesses, contributing to its distinctive character and elevating it to a prominent destination for fans of Regency architecture.
  • Visit Cheltenham Festival Town- Being famous for its thriving festival scene, this town plays host to international authors at well-known events such as the Sunday Times Literature Festival. Popular jazz performers take part in the springtime Cheltenham Jazz Festival, which enhances the town's cultural appeal and establishes it as a destination for both book and music lovers.
  • Discover the amazing Music of Cheltenham- This spa town is home to some very famous musicians. Gustav Holst, the composer of "The Planets," and Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones all have connections to it, adding to its musical legacy. Discover more about the life and musical legacy of Gustav Holst in Cheltenham by visiting his old home and office, the Victorian House.
  • Take in a Show at Everyman Theatre- This theatre in Cheltenham presents a variety of programs, including dance productions and dramas, in a small cinema that can accommodate 680 people. Theater enthusiasts looking for exceptional plays and life-changing experiences should check it out, as it has a long history and a diverse repertoire of modern and classic works.

How Can You Have a Secure Stay in Cheltenham?

Being a renowned destination in the U.K., there is no lack of hotels and resorts for you to stay. However, if you are desirous of a safe and cosy stay, then serviced accommodation cheltenham uk is the most recommended option for you because:

  • These fully modernized accommodations provide essential amenities and facilities for your comfortable living.
  • They offer a flexible range of apartment styles to meet your every lodging demands.
  • The accommodations place a strong emphasis on providing exceptional value to visitors so they can afford high-quality lodging.
  • These properties are very safe and secure, hence, they can give you great peace of mind.
  • They even provide choices for stays longer than 28 days to accommodate you even if you need to remain longer.

So, now you have a detailed guide for enjoying a memorable and delightful family-friendly vacation in Gloucester and Cheltenham. Hope this information is helpful for you. If yes, why are you waiting then? Plan your family holidays to these destinations today to explore their charm and culture while having comfortable and extremely safe stays at our well-designed and fully-furnished serviced apartments.